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Solomon Juneau High School
1936 Grads
< Evelyn Brumm (Guenther) in her
backyard at 457 S. 74th St in 1936
Evelyn Brumm (Guenther)
McLay in
Michelle King (1997 Juneau
Grad), Beatrice McLay (1936
Juneau Grad) Stephanie King
(2006 Juneau Grad) and Amanda
King. The young women with
Bea are her Great Nieces!
Amanda's dad Jerry King
Graduated from Juneau in 1976.
1936 Juneau grad
Beatrice McLay with her
Great Niece Stephanie
King a 2006 Juneau Grad!
Solomon Juneau High School Class of 1936 Graduation
Evelyn Brumm (Guenther  (at arrow)
1936 Juneau Grads, Mary Salone, Rose
Ordan, Beatrice McLay and Charolette
Stapletone. (Horsing around!)
Juneau Play 1936 CAPPY RICKS
Juneau Play 1936 CAPPY RICKS
'THE THIEVES OF BAGDAD' 1936 Juneau grad Grad,
Beatrice McLay (in White pointy hat and dark Dress)