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Solomon Juneau High School
 Class of 1939
Tom Masterson, James D. Wertenberg, Jean Hart, Robert Brill,
Warren Hansen, Murnane Bannister, Ruth Havlik, John E. Glab
                        HONOR STUDY HALL
Clifford Hickman, Ruth Havlik, Murnane Bannister, Tom Masterson
(Chairman), Bob Brill, Robert Hamernik, Jean Hart, Earl Jaeger
                  WHAT A LIFE
(girl behind books on desk is Betty (Havlik) Weileder)
Milwaukee Sentinel January 26th, 1939
Mid year Commencement Announcement
(L - R) Anneliese Flath, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Richard L. Melville (luggage), Fred A. Trubshaw,
Ruth Havlik (
behind desk), ?, ?, Douglas C. Steltz, ?, ?, Pearl L. Rothenbach
JUNEAU Basketball 1939
1939 Prom King
Frank Nicholas >
1939 Prom Queen
Ruth Havlik
1938 - 1939 Juneau Basketball  James Wertenberg #11
Hugo Wichtel (Lil' Abner), Juneau Party
Ruth Havlik & James Wertenberg, Juneau Party.
Solomon  Juneau
 1939 Class
40th Reunion
Match name list below to numbers photo of heads
above to picture photo to I.D. 1939 Classmates