Solomon Juneau High School
1947 Grads
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Andy Faust
Boyd Voorhorst
Bob Lagerman
Bill Stanfield
Louise Cibulka
Liz Beady
Virginia Guenther
Shirley Jensen
Andy Faust
Virge Guenther
Janice Lallier
Betty Mattner
Dorothy Anderson
Liz Beady
Viola Kritzan
Shirley Krass
Louise Cibulka
Dorothy Hartgers
Polly Jensen
Gertrude Perry
Natalie Solie
LaFonda Farris
Shirley Ebert
Jean Lange
Betty Davie
Catherine Wolf
Wanetia Speakerner
\ Delores Hurch
Shirley Oden
Liz Beady
Betty Matten
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Class of January 1947 (back row) Jim Stark, Clara Mihelich (Love), ? Ray Arsnow,
Bernice Klug (Gill), David Dingwall, Maxine Ferber (Boyung)
(front row)  Bonnie
Sprague (McMahon), Andy Faust, Virginia Guenther (Faust), Bob Lagerman, Dorothy
Anderson (Neary), Richard Scheible. Jim Keuper, Janice Lallier (Keuper)
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Lillian Buschman
(Hague) and
Friend Art Mead
Fall 1946 Cadet Generals: Richard Jahnke 2nd Hour, Bonnie Sprague 6th
Hour, Miss Cannon, Mary Lou Stange 3rd hour, John Baumann 2nd hour,
Nancy Duemmel 4th Hour, Harvey Wagner 5th hour, Elaine Cibulka 7th Hour
1947 Spring Cadets Dick Jahnke General, Cynthia Mount 7th Hour, Mary Bosch
1st Hour, Jim Kullmann 4th Hour, Dorothy Conlin, Bonnie Sprague 6th Hour
1946 Spring Prom Dance Card of Bonnie Sprague
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