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Solomon Juneau High 1978
Class 30 + 1 Reunion
  at La Perla September 26th, 2009
               5th & National in Milwaukee, WI
L to R : Barb (Goodreau) Byczynski, Richard Bertz, Kathy (Elgin) King
L to R : (front booth, pink jacket)
Lisa (Laurin) Schmitt, Sue Labadie-Suckow, Mark Suckow, Sue's
husband, Steve Lemerand, Thad Jelinski, Theresa Stabo, Susan Tews
Going Around Table L - R :
Jim Witt, Sandy Higgins, Sharon (Rottler) McKibben,
Jeannie (Trumbull) Busalacchi, Chris Erickson, ?,
Lorna (Frank) Peterson, Kathy Grobe, Harry Stasinoulias
L to R : Steve Lezotte, Keith's wife Sue, Keith Werner,  Jeff Einechner
Front Row  L to R :
Sandy Higgins, Susan Tews, Jeannie (Trumbull) Busalacci, Donna
(Behling) Voegtline, Steve Lezotte, Sue Labadie-Suckow, Thersa Stabo,
Barb (Goodreau) Byczynski (sitting), Sharon (Rottler) McKibben,
Kathy (Elgin) King
Back Row  L to R :
Keith Werner, Jim Witt, Steve Lemmerand, Lisa (Laurin) Schmitt, Kathy
Grobe, Harry Stasinoulias, Richard Bertz, Chris Erickson, Lorna (Frank)
Peterson, Thad Jelinske, Jeff Einechner, Tim Atwood
L to R : Jeannie (Trumbull) Busalacchi,
Barb (Goodreau ) Byczynski, Chris Erickson, Harry Stasinoulias
L to R : Jim Witt, Barb (Goodreau) Byczynski, Thad Jelinske
L to R :
Lisa (Lauri) Schmitt, Barb (Goodreau) Byczynski, Harry Stasinoulias
L to R : Barb (Goodreau) Byczynski,
Sharon (Rottler) McKibben, Kathy Elgin (King)