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Jay's parents & sister gather around his motorcycle one last time.
His mother holding his leather jacket & his dad holding his helmet.
They called him FLASH
The short life of Jayson Ulrich from his birth in Milwaukee to his death in Vietnam
During Army leave in 1968, Pfc. Jayson Ulrich joined his parents for a picture outside the family home
What does a man leave behind him? The physical
things, of course; an expert rifleman's badge (held
by his mother) a collection of trophies (surveyed by
his father). Beyond that, his memory is served by
those who knew him and loved him well.
This article originally appeared in the November 9th, 1969 Milwaukee Journal Sunday supplement,
"Insight Magazine". Due to size restraints, this article and photos were resized to fit the web page.

                I would like to thank Vyrella (Ulrich) Tye for sharing this article
                   and allowing us to remember Jay (Flash) and never forget.
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