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Hello Whoever you are,           Class of January 1953

WOW! I just found out about this webpage and I am totally impressed! I am from the Juneau
class of January 27, 1953. I was the class "Saluatorian," missing out to Virginia Westling,
Valedictorian, by .003 of a point (according to Mr. Ball who computed the grades). I am
married to Kenneth Valdes, June class of 1953.

I checked the 1941 year, and saw my sisters photo and name among the June 1941 grads.
Her name is Margie Kennedy Keith and she was the Valedictorian of that class. She now
lives in Downingtown, PA.

Thanks for all you do.

Joanne Kennedy Engel
960 Holly Ridge Court
Brookfield, WI 53045          
To the Site Author:                    Class of June 1951

My name is Norman Cerk and I graduated in June 1951. My brother Russell is a February
1954 grad. I would like to thank you for your effort in compiling the site.

Again, Thank you

Norman Cerk
Christine Jensen Class of 2000

I am looking for any Juneau graduates that graduated from Juneau from 2000 to 2006. I am
interested to know if these classes would like to plan a reunion for 2010. If you are
interested, please contact me (Christine Jensen) at You can also reach
me at the Juneau Facebook page.
Jeff Bunnell '76
Hope everyone is living well. I hope to see a Reunion in 2011. My recent
Hobby for the last couple of years is being a Stand up Comic.
                Jeff Bunnell  '76
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Jack Carpenter 1972

Just stopped by to say hi to all. I do miss those days sitting in the park and talking to all my
friends. Some of the girls I liked in High School are now really good looking. The older you
get, the better looking you get, Right? I live in Sun City West, Arizona and love it!!!!! No more
snow or very cold weather. If you're ever in town, stop by.
Have a Wonderful time wherever you are!
- Cowboy Jack

Jack Carpenter
12806 Marble Drive
Sun City West, AZ  85375
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Hi, I graduated in the Juneau class of 1989. I love this site!! Nice to see
all the old friends and how we looked then and now. Hope we can have
a Reunion soon. Look forward to seeing everyone again.

Kelli Wick (Miller)
10131 W. Grant Ct. Apt. 2
West Allis, WI  53227      
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Hi all Pioneers!
I went to Juneau during the years of 1968 - 1971.Looking to meet up
with any of my old classmates and if you know me, love to hear from
you! Used to live on 94th Place.

Marcia Zyla (maiden name Leonhardt)
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Had a great time at the 40th Reunion, Ron Curmano, Lee Evans and I had not played in a
band together for almost 35 years. Was good to see all. Retired in Wisconsin but moved to
South Texas. (No more snow!)Went back into music down in Texas. If you get to the Rio
Grande Valley, Look me up.
Jack Kay  1963
(Check out my website below)
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I really enjoyed looking at all of the pictures of my classmates of the June 1946 class.
Sorry I missed most of the latest reunions. We have moved back to Wisconsin to be near
our family, now that we are both in our 80's. If there are anymore reunions, I would like to
be notified.
  Spelling of my name was incorrect.

Willodene Eversoll Mayer
W168 N11278 Western Ave. Apt. 106
Germantown, WI   53022
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Hi - I stumbled onto the site and want to thank you for creating it.
I was in the Class of 1969
Maiden Name - Debbie Moe              Living in Tulsa, OK
Current Name - Debbie Leschke      Work - Programmer/Analyst
  Married in 1974 - still married
Sadly, I have never attended any of the Reunions.
My younger brother is also living in Oklahoma             Debbie (Moe) Leschke
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Thanks Donovan for this Great site,
Any January 1959 Juneau grad, we haven't had a full reunion since '69. We are in the early
stages of planning an informal get-together in spring to possibly plan greater things.
Anyone who was in the class at anytime is welcome. Contact me:   Gary Heiligenthal
                      2400 S. Greenwood Ave
                      Yuma, AZ   85364
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Hello, My name is Valecia Carter but in school I was Valecia Harris, Class of 1989. I would
like to be informed of all things pertaining to Juneau Business HS & if I could purchase a
class of 1989 Yearbook?
This is so cool. I heard about it on THE VIEW this morning, so I thought I'd give it a try.
Graduated in 1966. Moved to Green Bay in 1979 and then to Seymour in 1991. Retired after
26.6 years at Koch Ind/Georgia Pacific aka Fort Howard aka Fort James. Spending a lot of
time just surfing through this site. Such memories. Thank you to whoever got this up and
    Jane Seefeldt          1966
   429 Pleasant Way
   Seymour, WI  54165
Deana Pietrangelo 1972 - 1973     (Deana Minick)
I am Joan Fenendael (formerly Staniszewski) class of '66. I've lived in the Twin Cities since
'81 but do get back to Milwaukee to visit relatives. I'd enjoy re-connecting with old friends
next time I go. Give me a shout. I still have relatives in the old neighborhood.
     Deb Williston (Staggs)   Class of 1982
Great job on the website!! Enjoyed all the pics
Deb Williston
Oakfield, WI
Website > Jack Kay's Band

Just found this website!! Thank You!!
Attended Juneau 1961 - 1965. Went to Blaine School before that.
Does anyone know what has happened to Michal (Mike) Olson?

Katie (Kathy) Brown  1961 - 1965

(414) 403-7427  

                                                                   EMAIL >

I attended Luther Burbank Grade School K - 6th and Juneau 7th - 10th grade.
It's nice to revisit my old classmates & see how we're all doing. If you remember
me, Paul Hibler, I'd like to hear from you.

Paul Hibler  1967                                                 Email >
Ed Berg  1971
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Jacqueline Chojnacki - Mellom  1969

Graduated in 1969 and went into the Air Force, not a police officer - as stated next to my
name. I was looking to get a copy of diploma or a transcript of my high school records and
came across this website. Did not even know if the school was still there. I only recognize
a few people, Jay R., Jacqulynn C., Dee R. & Kathy Mather. How people change over the
years. Can you tell me where I can find these records?

Jackie Mellom
5505 73rd St NE Unit 2
Marysville, WA 98270                       
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Gloria Onarheim 1942, Joyce Onarheim 1944, June Onarheim 1959

Hello, I'm contacting you only because my mother Gloria Onarheim, her sister Joyce and
other sister Karen all graduated from Juneau in June of 1942, June of 1944 and June of
1959 respectively. Kind of wondering if there's anybody left from the classes of 42 and 44.
Gloria died in 1953, Joyce lives in Denver and has Alzheimers and Karen is in
Bloomington, MN and on the City Counsel there. I wouldn't mind if there's anyone that you
know of interested in contacting me.

Glenn Wereley
517 Inverary Ct.
Hobart, WI   54155                                
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Michael R. Schreck  Juneau Class of 1975

Hey, Remember me

9630 Bruceville Road                   Mobile: 831-210-8960
Suite 106, Box 345                       Fax: 916-647-9761

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Juneau class of 1974
Debbe Heiden  Juneau Class of 1973

I live in New Mexico
            My phone number is (575) 779-0892.
1969 June graduating class.
Would love to get in touch with some of the old gang this year as I will be visiting northern
Wisconsin and Milwaukee. I now live in Hawaii on the island of Oahu, east side, in a small
town called Waimanalo. Any events coming up for the class of 69  between 10/8 and 12/4/13,
please let me know.
   aloha, Bob Gall             Email >
I was never sure what class I belonged to, as I had been a little 'In-Attentive' in my years at
Juneau and was held back in the 7th grade by Mr. Accomando. I then went to summer
school at Washington High School (Al Mueller went that summer also), just to catch up, so
I ended up with very good friends in both the '64 & '65 classes. I went to the last reunion
at the Bavarian Inn and the gathering the next day at Solomon Juneau High School. I
actually talked with Mr. Accomondo at the Reunion! A lot of very good memories from
those years. I went to Juneau from 7th through 12th grade. Back then 7th & 8th grade
called Junior High. My best friends were Richard ( Rich or Fred - don't ask me why )
Fermanian and Jeff Hamm. - both way more studious than I was. I guess now they would
say I had 'Attention Deficit Disorder' - - - mmmm maybe I still do. Also Al Barak, Diane
Andrews (now Fermanian), Kathy Kangas, ( now deceased from MS )  and many others. I
read all of the entries in the guestbook with interest. I was surprised at the last reunion
the number of people that attended from some of the very first Juneau graduating
classes. One of the facts that was brought up at the last reunion was that Juneau had
over 72,000 students over it's life as a Milwaukee HS. I'd love to hear from anyone from
that era! God bless all of the classes of Juneau High School.

                                 David R. Kunert   1964 - 1965
David R. Kunert
6010 Pleasant Hill Rd
Town of Erin
Hartford, WI     53027
CELL  (414) 640-5588
Grads of "52"

One can only assume,  some of you have entered the time zone of no returns,  but
more likely on occasion finding yourselves looking back.
Perhaps back to the old neighborhoods;  streets slashed with tar that haven't been
asphalted over - big shady trees are nice - subdivided lots maybe not,
and my mothers next door neighbor living in the same house since 1950.
Here in Florida as of "99"  I survive despite current growing pot scum, but definitely
not setting the time by massaging and old shell that can at best inform,
"it's over Buddy" .  But not quite yet.  There must be more,  or maybe not.

With empathy for all of you Fellow Travelers,  once upon a time and the mind
numbing now, allow me to extend a bit of compassion,  a little regret,  but mostly
my best thoughts and good health to everyone, and to those before and after.

Dick Lessac   219        49 - 52        Thanks for the cast of memories Donovan.   
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Bill Stock class of 1972

Donovan great site, brings back many memories . Grade school Luther Burbank kindergarten thru 6th  
grade, Juneau 7th grade graduate 1972.
Mr Hackney track and Cross country coach, I can still hear him hollering! Was lucky to have him as
Looking at page of those who have passed on , saddening,  God bless them all!
Been married to the  most wonderful women in the world  past 21 years, 4 kids,  5 grandkids.
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I am a 1966 graduate and was wondering if there any plans to have a 50th reunion next year? I live in
Tennessee now and would like to connect with some of my classmates.
Regards, Scott Nagle
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Ricky Garvens 1970
Thank you  I am looking for a janet and dede webb they both went to juneau but moved before they
graduated could you please find out any info about where they moved about 1965 to 66 I think they
moved to south or n carolina any info would be helpful thanks again Rick
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Signing alumni for Juneau High School , I attended 1976-1982, graduated early 1982 to go into military
from which I retired from.
Steven Weber
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Thanks for building and maintaining the website.  I am January 1966 Graduate and stay in touch with a
few of my classmates.  But always interested in hearing from more of them.  My late brother Bob was a
couple years behind me.  I am retired and living in Stuart, FL, but have also lived in California,
Tennessee, Texas, Alabama, and Germany.  This is the third time I have lived in Florida.

Best wishes to you,
Arnie Gunderson
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What a fun, memory walk site you've made.  It's so great.  My brother, Bob (grad '66), told me about it.  
Loved Marty's "When We Were Young"!  He nailed it on the trivia!!  I was there at Juneau all 6 years,
graduating 1968.  Can't ever forget my most embarrassing  moments  at Juneau, when I had to present the
class gift of the portrait of James Lovell at graduation.  Forgetting my memorized speech, and what
happened next which led the class in roaring laughter....
Good times!  If there is a 50 year reunion next year,...please make sure I know.  Would love to see those
'first crushes I ever had' again!
Bonnie Stanley  (Johns)             
Yorba Linda, CA.
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1st I would like to say that you have a great website for Juneau.I got out in 1966(but I was pushed back
from 1965) So I have 2 years of OLD pals! My dad was Gordon W Moll and he passed away last year
at 102...and he was in the 1st graduating class of Juneau. He was the oldest living Milwaukee Police office
in the state. Maybe that is something to add. Google him and read what the Milwaukee Journal and other
papers wrote about him if you like.

Some sad news, my cousin Mike Moll (1965) passed away a few years ago and he was a pal of Dave
Rodell as was I who also has passed. Mike was a loner and the family has keep it quite that he is now
gone. Maybe you can add his name on the In Memoriam page.

Keep up the great work, you have helped find some old pals, Jo Ann Weber and Jim Gitter to name a few.

Now it's time to go back to your site and rock and roll to Writ and Woky,,,,by the way I was in the
Broadcast Business for 45 years. At one point I was GM of the Old Wzuu radio....Rock on

Al Moll

7349 Via Paseo Del Sur #515-115
Scottsdale, AZ 85258
This is Bob Pfannenstiel (64).

I am looking for Sandy Shipman (64) for a nostalgia commitment. I have her prom pictures and promised
to some day get them to her.

I am looking for Margaret Holzom (65). She and her family lived behind us and were instrumental in
helping my family during a crisis in 1964. I went into the Army (Vietnam) and could not find her upon my

Thank you.


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