Then and NOW
1975 Mr. Aaaron
1975 Mr. Schmitz
2001 Picture
was taken at
the Juneau
Class of 1971
30 year
Reunion! Mr.
Aaron (left)
Mr. Hackney
Mr. Hackney
passed away
on April 17th,
2004 Mr. Schmitz left Juneau in 2003
after coaching Basketball, Football
and Baseball for 30+ years. He now
is the sports trainer at Pius HS.
2004 Ms.Wilson (Bude) Art Teacher, is retiring
from Juneau after 36 years teaching!
Valedictorian, Carla Albrecht's favorite teacher!
 1975  Ms Wilson (Bude)
1975 Ms Winter
2002 Ms. Winter retired from Juneau after 36 years
teaching English, Speech, Journalism and Creative
writing. She was also the girl's Tennis Coach and
Yearbook Advisor. Ms Winter had a way, of having
her class enjoy learning the classic's, Shakespeare,
The Hobbit, and what seemed so far away at the
time, George Orwell's 1984. She now is enjoying her
retirement and started her own Cleaning business.
She was Homeroom teacher for Room 217 for the
class of 1976
2002 Ms Winter organizes Blood Drive at
Juneau HS. At Left she is seen checking
for her pulse. I have to admit, Ms Winter
has weathered 36 years at Juneau Very
1976: (middle) Mr. Schmitz receiving a degree for  
knowledge in driving an aqua 56' Chevy with tinted  
windows! 2003 (right) Mr. Schmitz enjoying LIFE!
VFW member
Mr. Hackney