2000 Mr. Falk taught debate at Juneau
for 30 years and still coaches, even after
Retirement. He has won multiple State
1975 Mr. Falk
HR Teacher, Room 218
Mr. Falk's Son Carl (2000) and Daughter Katharine, (1997) both graduated from Juneau
HS as Valedictorian. Mr. Falk recently has been writing for Milwaukee Magazine.
(Click above for interesting article written by Mr. Falk)
He also has an article coming out in Science Magazine. 7/25/2004 (A National Magazine)
Mr. Falk will be traveling to Hanoi, Viet Nam to visit his son, who is a UW Senior majoring
in Southeastern Asian Studies and Psychology. His daughter is marketing coordinator for
Penworthy Books. His wife teaches at the new Catholic School in West Allis, MQS.
Previously she has taught for other Catholic Schools. Mr. Falk, even though retired, still
coaches the Juneau Debate team and plans on doing that for the next two years.
1975 Ms Becker Mathematics
2004 Ms
retired in
2003 after
teaching 36
years at
1975 Ms Kendricks phy ed.
2004 Ms Kendricks retired in
2004 after 28 years at Juneau
2004 Another successful Debate
Season, for Mr. Falk and his
mighty Pioneer Debaters!
(click here for article written by Mr. Falk
in Milwaukee Magazine on 4/2004
click here >for Ms. Kendricks
Retirement Article!