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In Memoriam
James R. Kelly (Kelly)
1946 - 1/2/2009
Dick Manthy '65    Jim Kelly '64    Jerry Zielinski '65
Jim Kelly & Jerry Zielinski lived with each other after Juneau. In 1965 3 guys, Kelly,
Dick Manthy  & Jerry went to the U.S.M.C. recruiting station and signed up
on the buddy system. They went through Boot Camp together and then were
separated. Dick went into Special Forces Green Berets, & Jerry after 3 weeks in Boot
Camp reinjured an old football knee injury and was forced to leave the Marines.
Kelly   went to the Bush in Nam. When Kelly came back to the states after 2 1/2 tours
Nam, 5 Purple Hearts . Kelly then moved in with Dick & his wife in San Diego,
California while he went through his rehab. He then moved out shortly after that and
Dick assumed he moved back to Wisconsin. Dick & Jerry then lost touch with Kelly
and after 40 years of not hearing from him, presumed he had died. In late November
(due to this website) 2008 Dick & Jerry found out Kelly was still alive in Milwaukee.
Unfortunately, before plans could be made to reunite, Kelly passed away on 1/2/09

Jim Kelly was interned at Southern Wisconsin Veterans Memorial
  Cemetary with full Military Honors in July of  2009.
Kelly's Wake Photos
at Rounding 3rd
  on 63rd & Bluemound
     (the old Cassidy's)
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Kelly   &    Dick
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Dick Manthy & Jim Kelly
July 6th, 1965     
CampPendleton, CA
(Back of the photo
says)        '
Look at all
Dick Manthy